Last date to file IT returns is 30th August 2015.

STIP & SEZ Services

We are STP Consultant in India. Corporate with various branches in India needs STPI/SEZ services in multilocations in India. Our services are best suitable to any size of corporate MNC or Indian interested in fast and perfect professional services.

STPI Related Services

  • Registration for STPI
  • Preparation of documents and returns to be filled at STPI authorities
  • Submitting the returns and other related documents with STPI
  • Representation before STPI authorities

SEZ Related Services

  • Approval of SEZ (Settling application before BOA, preparation of project report, facts sheet in case of conversion etc.)
  • Approval of letter of permission (LOP) / renewal of letter of permission
  • Approval of green card
  • Approval of Import Export Code Number
  • Permission for inter-unit transfer of capital goods
  • Permission for disposal of waste and scrap
  • Approval for enhancement of production capacity
  • Permission for additional location / change of location
  • Permission for sale of rejects
  • Permission for sale of DTA sale
  • Assisting in claiming Duty Drawback
  • Assisting in claiming DEPB
  • NOC for de bonding of materials
  • NOC for de bonding of premises
  • Structuring of contracts/transactions to optimize indirect tax incidence
  • Formulating indirect tax efficient business models
  • Conducting VAT impact assessment studies
  • Undertaking comprehensive reviews of business operations
  • Advice on classification, valuation, applicability of taxes on transactions and admissibility to tax benefits/exemptions
  • Identification of innovative tax planning opportunities
  • Preparations of customized compliance manuals on all taxes
  • Single point contact & centralized coordination for tax payments, filing of returns
  • compilation of documents
  • Drafting appeals & submissions
  • Appearances & arguments before adjudication & appellate authorities
  • Briefing Senior Counsel on need basis
  • Representation before relevant Government authorities on tax & trade policy issues
  • Developing economic justification for tariff/non-tariff concessions

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